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Transparency + Efficiency

Backed by our strategic partners, we offer a multitude of services and solutions tailored to your needs. Resources for all your communication and marketing needs, all in one place.

Marketing Consulting Services

Our marketing experts advise you on the best strategies and support you in the execution and success of your project.

Marketing project management

Good project management is much more than just delivering projects on time, on scope and on budget. A well-managed project has a positive impact that goes far beyond just delivering.

Environmental Marketing

A new step in the way of promoting your business or your services all the while taking into account the new realities surrounding climate change and responsible consumption.

Your project in 4 steps


Understanding of the mandate, study of needs and objectives.


Implementation of a series of coordinated actions aimed at achieving your objectives.


Planning of stages and budget over time.


Execution of the plan according to the initial objectives.


Pat Landry


I provide you with over 25 years of experience in marketing, project management and strategic planning.

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